I woke up like this: A tale of second-day hair

Something that many people struggle with, is getting second day hair. It is especially difficult to get hair that is semi-decent if you are on a low-to-no heat hair care regimen. And if you have wavy or curly hair, you can’t just whip a brush through your hair and walk out the door (I’ll talk in another post about why a brush and textured hair is a no-no). Things get trickier when you have short hair that can’t be pulled into a messy bun and be done.
So I’m going to go through the routine for second, third and fourth day hair that’s been working for me lately. Here is a picture of what I looked like this morning: 20140625_113238

Then I took some DevaCurl Mist-er Right and sprayed it liberally throughout my hair. You can also use water in a spray bottle, or a mix of water and conditioner/leave in conditioner.

Next I took DevaCurl Set Up & Above and twisted it through sections and scrunched lightly at the end. The texture of this product is similar to a pomade, texture cream or styling wax. It’s fairly light, which works well for my waves and loose curl. 20140625_125848

If my hair still has a bit of frizz or some limp waves, I might spray a little bit more of the Mist-er Right or a dab of water. But I usually don’t need much more than that. And this is what my hair looks like now!
I may have put on a little makeup too 😉

A note on DevaCurl: if, like me, you live in Australia or another country where they do not ship, StrawberryNet.com often have a range of their products and they also have free shipping!

Love and waves,


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