Ew… You don’t brush your hair?

Yesterday, I made a passing mention that brushing hair dry, especially hair with any kind of texture, is not a good idea. And why? Because not only does it look ridiculous (see the last image in this post), but it can cause breakage to the hair.
Bear with me now, because I’m about to whip out my rusty drawing skills:
This is what curly hair looks like when it is ‘clumped’ in a curl.
And this is what happens when dry hair is brushed.
The individual hairs separate, increasing volume and flyaways. Even worse, the bristles of the brush snag on the kinks in the naturally textured hair and cause split ends 😦

But, because I love you guys, I brushed out my hair this morning and took a picture of it, so you can have actual proof that brushed wavy, curly and kinky hair just doesn’t look good.

For as a parting quote, I saw this on NaturallyCurly.com today:

Never ever ever brush your hair when it is not sopping wet with conditioner.
Brushing hair while it’s dry causes breakage and split ends. This is because your hair curls and twists around itself and you are ripping the knots out with your brush.

You can read the whole article here.

Love and waves,


5 thoughts on “Ew… You don’t brush your hair?

    1. Yes! I actually used a similar brush (there are so many knock offs nowadays) for the picture where I brushed my hair out. They are certainly far more gentle than regular brushes, and work well in the shower when combing through conditioner too.

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