First Colour!

‘She’s a thinker,’ said P to the workshop leader, H, as I slid the tail of my colour brush under a section of hair and began applying another swab of colour to the roots.
‘Sometimes I think too much,’ I said, not taking my eyes off my task. H chuckled, watched for a bit longer, then moved on to observe another student.
P, H and I were at a colour workshop today, where I was applying my first colour to P’s hair. P is a friend of my Grandma’s who agreed to be my model for the day. Around us were the other students, who were practicing applying colour to mannequin heads. We’d been asked last week to try and arrange models. I had a bit of anxiety about not finding a colour model in time and P was the third person I’d asked. I was relieved when she agreed. It turned out that I was the only one with a model.
This morning, before P arrived to have her hair done, we had basic theory of colour application. I knew a little bit from my brief position as an apprentice at another salon, however at this college I haven’t officially done colour theory yet. But I took a lot of notes – you know from my about page and previous posts that I have a writing background, so writing is an effective way of processing information for me – and that helped me to assess P’s hair and provide her with a colour touch-up that would be close to what she wanted, but also suit her lifestyle and (because this was my first colour) be appropriate for my skill level. So with H’s help, we decided on a permanent colour on her roots to match her existing colour, and a semi-permanent to refresh and blend what was already there. This, we were told, is a very popular method for hair that has previous stress from chemicals and the environment – and in Australia, almost everyone has more stressed hair than almost anywhere else in the world (sun, salt, chlorine and hard water aside from the usual heat styling and chemical processes).
Once all the colour had been rinsed off, we applied a colour-locking treatment combined with a volumising treatment to give some extra oomph to P’s hair – something she said she was after, as well as a refreshed colour.
As I blow dried P’s hair, I began to see a golden glow on the hair shaft. I felt satisfaction when I saw that shine. This is what it’s like to do something for someone that should make them feel good, but also makes me feel good seeing the result I imagined. And seeing the smile on someone’s face when they feel good is a great reward.
The end result isn’t perfect. I’d be getting ahead of myself if I said that because: a) this is my very first colour job; and b) I don’t think I’ll ever think something of mine is perfect – where’s the progress once perfection is obtained? The most I’ll ever hope for is almost perfect.

Speaking of perfect/imperfect, my internet is being annoying and for some reason I can’t upload the picture 😦 but you can check it out on my Instagram.

Let me know about any exciting firsts you’ve had in the comments 🙂

Love and waves,


Comings and Goings

Hi lovelies!
Not much of a post today I’m afraid. Today was my last chance to hang out with my little sister before she flies back to LA tomorrow – and my boyfriend arrived back from a long trip away with his family last night. So lots of catching up and long hugs goodbye. Not much to plan and write a proper hair-related post.
I do have some braid and product tutorial ideas for future posts. I’d like to bring that sort of thing into this’d blog as a regular feature. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you’d like to learn about.
I hope you’re all well.
Love and waves,

Monday Memes: All the Bobby Pins!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? How is your Monday going? Today’s Monday Meme comes courtesy of TallnCurly – she has her comics featured on quite a bit and they always make me smile, or nod in empathy. I’ve seen this particular image a few times – it’s been shared on various Facebook and Twitter pages and popped up on my Instagram feed too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to wash my hair and dislodged a stray bobby pin; or I’ll wake up in the morning with a pin or two on my pillow.

Does this ever happen to you? What other odd places to find bobby pins appear? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love and waves,

Weekend Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

This week’s inspiration comes from this image of Johansson’s scarlet locks (pun intended; sorry not sorry) in the Avengers franchise. I kind of have a woman crush on Johansson from her early days (I loved Ghost World). And she can do very little wrong in my eyes – film wise at least (let’s not talk about her Sodastream endorsement right now…).

Anyway, back to hair – if I could choose any hair, it would be this. And on a good day, my hair did fall like this when it was longer.

I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend, I’ll see you on Monday 😀

Love and waves,

Just editing to add: I found this image through a member of the Aussie Curly Girls Facebook group. It’s a closed group, but if you’re an Aussie with textured locks all you have to do is ask to be invited and the moderator will add you 🙂

Also, while this post and blog is all about hair, gotta add that Scarlett as the Black Widow also kicks butt – that in itself is pretty damn inspirational.

Giovanni Mousse and Hairspray Review


Good evening lovies! I’ve had a chance to play with the products from my iHerb haul from a few weeks ago, and now I have enough of an idea to give you guys a review.

First up, the mousse. I found it did a good job of giving my waves and curls a soft hold. If you like a hard hold, this is not the product for you. But for soft waves, it works nicely, especially over a leave-in conditioner or something similar. I’ve been using it layered over the DevaCurl B’Leave In.
I also used it to blow dry my hair straight – that day I layered it over Bumble and bumble. Prep. I really liked the results from that – my hair blow dried comparatively easily and was shiny but with body.
I will say, though, that because this is a volumising mousse, it gets a bit drying after multiple uses – especially as my hair gets dry in winter as it is, and my hair is coloured. I’ll be giving it a bit of a break now that I’ve got an idea of how it works on my hair.
I should also mention that it’s more of a foam than a mousse in texture. However, it gives the same results without the crispy finish.

Moving on to the hairspray, I’ll admit that so far I’ve only used it twice. I don’t hairspray all that often, but I wanted to have some around – it’s handy to have.
The first time I used it was when I straightened my hair – and I liked the way it worked! It gives light hold and humidity protection and doesn’t make my hair feel like a helmet.
The second time I used it was on a curly day – it was second or third day hair. I was even more impressed that day – my hair was slightly crispy but my curls stayed springy and developed little frizz. Come to think of it, I should be using it more often!
Another thing I like about this hairspray (or ‘spritz’ as it’s labelled) is that it’s not an aerosol. While aerosols don’t bother me too much, the product tends to get everywhere with the fine mist (and can make you cough). Not to mention that a liquid spray is easier to reuse, so it’s more environmentally conscious.

That brings me to the end of the review. I hope this helps you guys. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to review, or if you have any recommendations 😀

Love and waves,

My iHerb discount for new customers is: LTH094

One Month!

Hey guys, sorry about the late post today. I had a big day on my feet at school today (you can see some of the results on my Instagram) and then two hours of salsa classes. And another big day ensues tomorrow. I do have a review lined up for you guys, which I will post tomorrow, and my youngest sister flew in from LA today, so I’m going to post a tutorial or two with her as the model 😀 Watch out for that next week.

I’m getting away from myself. The main reason I wanted to make sure I wrote something today, is that today marks one month of Can’t Stop Thinking About Hair! And I wanted to thank all of you that follow, read, like and comment on my blog. It’s early days yet, but a month of (mostly) writing five days a week feels big to me. Here’s to many more months to come.

Also, seeing as milestones (however small) are a time to reflect, I’d like to hear from you guys about what you’d like to read and see more of. Please let me know in the comments 🙂 Or tell me about a milestone you’ve reached lately, however big or small.

Love and waves,

College Update

Last Monday was the first day of my hairdressing course. I arrived a few minutes late and got lost in the angled corridors and off-centre rooms. Once I figured out where everyone was waiting, I walked into a room of young women and one young man – all between the ages of fifteen and twenty-two, making me the oldest. The teacher hadn’t arrived yet, so my lateness wasn’t too conspicuous. They smiled and began introducing themselves and told me they were also starting that day. However, they were all apprentices, whereas I’m doing the full time one year course.

Our teacher arrived (I’ll call her L) and we went through the usual first-day stuff: paperwork, introductions, tour of the campus etc. I really like L, she’s a smiley woman with gorgeous long, dark hair – very friendly and easy to talk to.

Monday’s are short days, so once we got through all the logistics of finalising enrollments, it was 12:30 and time to go home.

I did something to my back on Tuesday, so missed out on Wednesday.

On Thursday, I was actually on time, but it still took me a few minutes to figure out where everyone was. The group of apprentices I’d met on Monday weren’t there – they were at their jobs, of course. I eventually found a few of the full-time students in the practical room – where we practice on mannequins or clients if anyone has booked in. They introduced themselves with smiles and told me a bit about the other students who weren’t there yet. I asked where everyone was, having been told to arrive each day at least five minutes before 8:30 – yet only half of our class was there, and the teacher was running late. The first woman I talked to was confused too – last term they had been told to be ready fifteen minutes early. But despite some people running late, it gave me a chance to get to know the girls who were there on time – I found out that at least half of our class have some kind of makeup artist training – something I’d like to do once I finish this course. On Thursdays we have a different teacher (I’ll call her C), a straight-forward Irish woman who has a similar hairstyle to me – chin-length and red-tinted. Like L, she’s easy to talk to and happy to answer any questions I have – and I know I’m the kind of person who can get kind of annoying with the amount of questions I ask (before the speaker has a chance to give me the information).

C got us working on up-dos as practice for the student fashion show we’re styling tomorrow. And then I did some blow-dries on the mannequin head that came with my kit (you should see it sitting in my room – a little bit creepy). By the end of the day, I was happy about my decision to enroll at this academy, and I’m really looking forward to the learning challenges to come.

Love and waves,