Stepping back in

So it turns out that what felt like a being ‘a bit under the weather’ on Tuesday, was something like having a pulsing headache every time I was upright on Wednesday and Thursday. Hence no posts for those two days. I’m still feeling a bit woozy today but sitting up is, thankfully, not too much trouble now. And so, I’m going to do two posts today.

On Monday (and Tuesday), I hinted at a meeting I’d had. And now I can finally tell you guys about it!
I met with the coordinator for a private hairdressing college on Monday, to see the campus as well as get information about enrollment. What I saw was impressive – modern white and black interior, an attached salon where fully qualified staff work, and lots of space for students. And class sizes are small, so I’ll be getting the attention I need in order to excel at my learning. Not to mention it’s in a trendy shopping suburb of Sydney – which in terms of atmosphere is great, but not in terms of my bank account 😛
And I start in just over a week!

Love and waves,


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