Hair Product Storage: DIY

After the post about my haul, I decided to use the box packaging as storage for some of my hair products and tools. I’d been wanting to pick up a box or basket for this purpose for awhile, but then I decided that up-cycling a cardboard shipping box was a better idea – money-wise and environment-wise.
First I just threw in everything like this:
But after a few days, I started to get sick of the thing looking so utilitarian. So I decided to personalise it.
Here’s what I did:

I used: scissors, glue, magazines, old paperback books and the brown paper that iHerb used to package the products in.

1. Cut off the top flaps and holes on each of the narrower ends as handles. I ended up with this:

2. Gather pictures from the magazines and pages of the old books (or any pretty paper you wish to use), and glue them onto the four outside surfaces. I used the brown paper to line the inside and bottom of the box, just to cover the tape and folds of the cardboard box.

So when I started this DIY post, I thought the method would be a little longer than that. But I guess most of the effort is in time rather than multiple steps. One thing I’d like to add is a coat of glue to varnish and protect the slap-dash job I did. But for now, here is the finished product being put to use on my shelf:

Yes, that’s a picture of Kristen Stewart from the latest Chanel campaign. Her hair in it is fantastic!

I hope this gives you guys some ideas for personalised product storage.

Love and waves,


What are your thoughts?

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