One Month!

Hey guys, sorry about the late post today. I had a big day on my feet at school today (you can see some of the results on my Instagram) and then two hours of salsa classes. And another big day ensues tomorrow. I do have a review lined up for you guys, which I will post tomorrow, and my youngest sister flew in from LA today, so I’m going to post a tutorial or two with her as the model πŸ˜€ Watch out for that next week.

I’m getting away from myself. The main reason I wanted to make sure I wrote something today, is that today marks one month of Can’t Stop Thinking About Hair! And I wanted to thank all of you that follow, read, like and comment on my blog. It’s early days yet, but a month of (mostly) writing five days a week feels big to me. Here’s to many more months to come.

Also, seeing as milestones (however small) are a time to reflect, I’d like to hear from you guys about what you’d like to read and see more of. Please let me know in the comments πŸ™‚ Or tell me about a milestone you’ve reached lately, however big or small.

Love and waves,


2 thoughts on “One Month!

  1. Kudos to you for managing to update that regularly! I’ve recently starting trying to post 3 times a week (I was posting once a week before) so wish me luck! I hope I’m able to stick to posting more often 😱

    1. Good luck indeed! Three is admirable – as is even once a week. I’m not sure why I decided to write five posts a week – I think my line of thought was to just get myself writing for an audience and not worry so much about it being perfect. It seems to be working so far!
      Good luck again with upping your frequency πŸ˜€

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