Giovanni Mousse and Hairspray Review


Good evening lovies! I’ve had a chance to play with the products from my iHerb haul from a few weeks ago, and now I have enough of an idea to give you guys a review.

First up, the mousse. I found it did a good job of giving my waves and curls a soft hold. If you like a hard hold, this is not the product for you. But for soft waves, it works nicely, especially over a leave-in conditioner or something similar. I’ve been using it layered over the DevaCurl B’Leave In.
I also used it to blow dry my hair straight – that day I layered it over Bumble and bumble. Prep. I really liked the results from that – my hair blow dried comparatively easily and was shiny but with body.
I will say, though, that because this is a volumising mousse, it gets a bit drying after multiple uses – especially as my hair gets dry in winter as it is, and my hair is coloured. I’ll be giving it a bit of a break now that I’ve got an idea of how it works on my hair.
I should also mention that it’s more of a foam than a mousse in texture. However, it gives the same results without the crispy finish.

Moving on to the hairspray, I’ll admit that so far I’ve only used it twice. I don’t hairspray all that often, but I wanted to have some around – it’s handy to have.
The first time I used it was when I straightened my hair – and I liked the way it worked! It gives light hold and humidity protection and doesn’t make my hair feel like a helmet.
The second time I used it was on a curly day – it was second or third day hair. I was even more impressed that day – my hair was slightly crispy but my curls stayed springy and developed little frizz. Come to think of it, I should be using it more often!
Another thing I like about this hairspray (or ‘spritz’ as it’s labelled) is that it’s not an aerosol. While aerosols don’t bother me too much, the product tends to get everywhere with the fine mist (and can make you cough). Not to mention that a liquid spray is easier to reuse, so it’s more environmentally conscious.

That brings me to the end of the review. I hope this helps you guys. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to review, or if you have any recommendations 😀

Love and waves,

My iHerb discount for new customers is: LTH094


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