Power to Ya: a Review

The Power Base by O&M (OriginalMineral) is a protein based deep treatment that I’ve been using since I dyed my hair copper about three months ago. O&M is an Australian brand that uses mostly plant based ingredients and contains no strong sulfates or parabens.

The best part about this is how soft my hair feels the day I use it – so soft. And the smell – kind of sweet and creamy (all the O&M products smell great btw). I’m also kind of lazy with applying my treatments – I just slap them on at the beginning of my shower – but the steam and those few minutes are all this treatment needs to penetrate into my hair.

One thing to note, is that during application, if you’re used to conditioners and deep treatments coating your hair and making it feel slippery – this won’t do that unless you really pile it on. It is supposed to be a protein treatment after all – wheat protein is the third ingredient after water and cetearyl alcohol. But if you’re after a protein treatment that also contains a good amount of moisture, this is the one for you – the amount of extracts, oils and butters just goes on and on. And two of those ingredients are nettle extract and shea butter – which from previous experience I know make my hair happy.

Another thing I’d like to add is that The Power Base does contain amodimethicone, if you like to avoid silicones in your hair care.

To finish, I’d really like to try more of this product line – especially as I’m planning a series of posts reviewing Australian product lines.

Love and waves,


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