Delving below the surface

Hi guys, departing from the hair today.
My anxiety has been fluctuating a bit more recently, and today it sucked particularly badly. Something did happen to trigger it, but Internet makes me hesitant to share it (I don’t want talk about everything here – you never know who’s going to see it).
I’m not sure why my anxiety is worse lately – I’ve actually been making an effort to eat better and exercise more. And I’ve been doing well at college too. So I don’t know why I’ve been more sensitive to things that when you look at them on paper (or tell people about them later), shouldn’t be all that bad. Annoying or frustrating, possibly, but not causing me to burst into tears and have a bout of anxiety that lasts half an hour.
The worrying thing for me is that it’s been a year since I went on anti-depressants. They made a huge difference to my anxiety and depression – calming me enough to be able to sort through my worries and problems with a clear head instead of just panicking. However, the way I’ve been having bursts of more intense anxiety in the past few weeks makes me worried that it may not be working anymore. And I really don’t want to up my dosage.
I’m seeing my psychologist on Tuesday, so she will probably allay my fears about the medication (most likely caused by my current general anxiety) and help me to sort out some of the things that have triggered these feelings.

I know this post is kind of jumbled, but I wanted to share because reading other’s experiences with anxiety and depression has helped me in the past.

Love and waves,


4 thoughts on “Delving below the surface

  1. I am just now reading this post and I am sure by now you have seen your doctor. If not, I suggest that you do. Your antidepressant medication may need to be changed. I have the same problem as you and sometimes the antidepressants aren’t as effective as they once were and require a change. I hope by now you are 100% better! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Aw, thank you! I am feeling much better by now, but it hadn’t occurred to me that medication can change in effectiveness over time. Thanks for the suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

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