Holiday Time

Hi readers,
I’ve been a little lax with my posting, haven’t I? I’m currently four days in to the two week break after my first term at hairdressing school (yay!). My plan was to get back to the five days a week posting schedule that I’d planned at the outset of this blog.
That clearly hasn’t happened, despite having enrolled myself in Writing 101 with the hope that it would give me that extra push to post five days a week.
So what have I been doing? Well, I’ve been writing (just not here). Everyday since Monday, the first thing I’ve done after breakfast is open up my journal and write. Then, after I feel like I’ve done enough freewriting, I move over to another notebook and continue work on the novel I started months ago – before starting hairdressing school.
It feels good to be familiarising myself with the characters and their stories again. It’s right at the beginning and my protagonist has only just begun to get her feet sticky, but I’m eager to find out how she’ll get out of her current situation – though she’s going to get more involved by trying to get out. 
Needless to say, I haven’t done any revision for school either. It’s funny how I have this constant swing between the two things I really enjoy doing (actually, it’s a trifecta – I also love dancing) – I use one to procrastinate about doing the other. But if that’s all I have to worry about right now, I think I’m doing pretty well.

Now it’s your turn, my lovely readers; have you been doing enough of what you love lately? I would love to hear about your projects and passions inthe comments ☺

Love and waves,


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